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We aim to utilize our marketing solution and automation that earned more revenue through digital marketing and market research solutions.

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A 10-year journey is not too long, but we are proud that our efforts have been recognized along the way. AND WE HOPE TO GROW TOGETHER WITH OUR CUSTOMERS.

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We Focus on building Strategic Digital Marketing For Better Insight

We specialize in marketing automation solutions and services that enable us to serve clients better.


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Serving over Clients in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia

Our work since 2009 has helped consultancy and manufacturing firms to achieve the following benefit with our services

Market Research

Our market research services have received positive feedback from boutique consultancy services.

B2B Lead Generation​

Our digital marketing solutions are used mainly to drive B2B Marketing. We do initial filtering of leads.

Startup Investor Risk Assessment Platform

Our site has a digital platform that helps startups that do relevance match to investors (Note: our scope does not involve actual matching, but is willing to give your side better risk assessment). This is done under the initiative of The Smart Connector.

Digital Publishing

We help to do book publishing for potential authors and promotion of the services. Upcoming in the late year 2022.

What Our Clients Say

Here is work from our client about our works

Mr Elton Kuah was our Associate Analyst for a previous medical IVD research project. Another
recent project was for our UK engineering client who was looking for potential buyers located
in South East Asia and the project was commissioned on short notice. Elton’s duties included the lead generation of potential buyers, developing introduction, and facilitating visits with potential buyers.

Subsequent client feedback mentioned that Elton is someone who is highly attentive,
professional and had contributed to key meetings for our UK client’s first-time visit to Malaysia
I would like to thank Elton for the services rendered to ensure project execution success.

Mr Lawrence Yeo

Asiabiz Strategy Pte Ltd

Elton is smart, highly motivated, and was consistently a dynamic contributor to our multicultural learning community. He is business savvy and adept at using technology to advance his business aims. In a community of hundreds, he was one of a few who impressed me most. Elton often asked insightful questions that helped us all learn and brought personal warmth and a positive influence that made it a pleasure to get to know him and learn from him.
Connie Neal
Connie Neal Communications
Elton’s experience was evident when I asked him about an anomaly in my Google Analytics data.

He gave us the possible reasons why it may happen. And almost immediately we were able to identify the error and came out with accurate numbers.

Avoid costly mistakes and use the trial & error method when using Google Analytics. Ask Elton and save your time and effort. Friendly and approachable, working with Elton is a pleasure!
Samson Gail
Associate SEO Manager at The Egg Company
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Bill Mingo

Selected Works

Here’s the work for market research and digital marketing activities


The clients that we served in the years of our business encompasses boutique house consultancy

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