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Are You Facing Problems Generally With Your Digital Marketing Activities?

-Need help determining the marketing direction of their product or service?

-Wanting to grow profit for their business?

Here’s a Brief Introduction of Enrich Social Media


Our Service

B2B Market Research/ Market Analysis

Digital Marketing Training/Service

Data Intelligence

As a client, you need to analyze potential trends for your product or service, and our B2B market research service does the following services.

Our services have received recommendations from our customers, such as Asiabiz Strategy.

Our digital marketing method to help clients is

Digital insight service / B2B lead generation.

We help businesses to make more money by running data analytics workflow (not just with Google Analytics).

The work output is to understand the value of your dataset and mix to give a predictive method for your business.

How Are We Different Than Our Competitors in The Market?

Community Network

Knowledge of digital marketing and case

Industry Partner Affiliation

‘Our reputation in digital marketing is complemented by support communities such as WordPress, Remote Network which aim to solve customer problems and teach how to value an online business.

Our training module is customized based on trainer exposure in digital marketing and involvement in digital marketing community, such as Google Program

This is our business commitment to make sure our training best possible experience, rather than base on the course or the reputation of training institute alone.

Our business comprises the following industry to support your marketing as follows.

-Product Marketplace (Tridge.com). Registration Code: ONXYO0

-Conferences (Tech conferences/ entrepreneurship/ industry related)

If you have inquiry on any of the above industry partner services, you can drop your message at the Contact Us Page with the title: Industry Partner

Here’s Some of the Customer Say About Our Services

Burt Steingraeber, Global Business Operator

Gail Simpson,

Formerly worked at Digital Marketing at Verz Design Pte Ltd

(a Promising 500 SME Company)

Tammera Armijo

Senior Human Resource Manager at Global Payment, Texas

Elton is a seasoned marketing professional with an ability to think strategically yet effectively implement plans with outstanding detail.

His work resonates throughout the organization and demonstrates a passion for the customer.

He is loyal to his clients, a multi-skilled and dedicated team member who can independently navigate marketing opportunities to develop strategic solid direction

Elton’s ten years of experience certainly shows. I strongly recommend Elton for any marketing project.

Elton's experience was evident when I asked him about an anomaly in my Google Analytics data.

He gave us the possible reasons why it may happen. Almost immediately, we were able to identify the error and came out with accurate numbers.

Avoid costly mistakes and use the trial & error method when using Google Analytics.

Ask Elton and save your time and effort. Friendly and approachable, working with Elton is a pleasure!

If you are searching for a professional marketing consultant, you do not need to look beyond Elton Kuah.

As an external consultant at MBA and Company (now Talmix), he accomplished all the tasks assigned to him with élan. We had a tight deadline for the market assessment project in Hong Kong and Singapore for envelope suppliers, and Elton completed it before the deadline.

His efforts in developing an all-inclusive marketing plan for the pilot industry in Malaysia were commendable. His services as a consultant are heavily recommended.

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