Our service at a glance helps our customers, typically manufacturing businesses or respective boutique agencies based in the Asia Pacific presence or foreign companies who want to expand into the APAC region.

Our service benefits include discovery sessions, using “Where to Play” as one of the frameworks, and Go To Market Strategy to ensure your products or project can build its presence with identified partnership potential.

Our founder, Elton, is one of the Individual Members of ESOMAR (the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research) membership organization for market, social, and opinion researchers founded in 1947. Esomar is the business community of insights and analytics.

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Our market research service offerings in 3 scopes

Market Research Discovery ↗

Our aim is to validate the following:
-Is there a demand for products or services in your target market?

-What is the competitor’s analysis segment, and what adaption does your offering need?

A Scenario Example: If we are living in a world where IKEA starts selling insurance and watchmakers can become medical device companies, how do your business can
benefit from the new possibilities and opportunities? We can work with you for a discovery session using the Market Opportunity Navigator tool.

Go to Market Strategy and Potential Partner or Distributor

We work with our market research reports, information databases, market reports, and some primary market research with the intended prospect.

Our report depository from ESOMAR can be a helpful resource to you to validate some (if not all) of your market information assumptions.

Market Linkages ↗

We work together in partnership with consultants worldwide (investment and innovation consultants), etc., to further enhance the value of your offering.

We help to achieve our client to have feasible market research output via 3 steps:

Step 1: Discovery Sessions ↗

We help to map out your different target markets’ opportunity potential and brainstorm a systematic way to narrow them down and set your strategic focus.

Step 2: Work out the market feasibility and go to market strategy ↗

Choosing which markets to pursue can be one of the trickiest questions for entrepreneurs and managers, and needless to say: a critical one. This choice not only influences your chance of success but also imprints the DNA of your venture.

Step 3: Helping Your Strategic Focus ↗

Setting a smart strategic focus is more than just choosing the most promising markets to pursue. It is also about managing the delicate balance between focus and flexibility – ensuring your sharp focus does not lock you into one narrow direction.

Here’s one example of Step 1 Session: Discovery Session output using Ghat GPT scenario to brainstorm typical opportunities around your product or industry space.
For the Step 2 Session, an product demand output using HS Code Import Data is used to validate the market size.

Here are what some of our customers say about the quality of our market research services

From A Management Boutique Client for Market Research and Identify Potential Partnership Projects

I find Elton is very resourceful, has the aptitude to find different ways to solve certain business challenges, and practice self-leadership to ensure the project deliverables can be achieved.
Lawrence Yeo
MD of Asiabiz Strategy Pte Ltd

From A Direct Client On Research Data For Award Entry

“Elton did very thorough research for a few days to help beef up the content despite the information passed to him being very limited from my end. He is very proactive and engaging, constantly updating and verifying his research findings are right and can substantiate the content. He possesses a strong command of English as well.
Ms. Delia
NTT Data Singapore 

From A Marketing Agency For Marketing Research & Social Media Data Analyst Project

“It was a pleasure working with Elton. He is serious and professional and delivers a good analysis. We hope to work again in the future together!”
Marketing Manager of Tesla Insight
Report Link: https://www.slideshare.net/TeslaInsights/infant-formula-summarysgidml

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